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The way i got this website up and running is by the creator of neo cities if you would like to make your own website just click on the link.(You will get Waffles ;3).Neocities.

Ok if you're confused of what Warframe you should choose their are three on the list. Theirs Excaliber a Warframe based on Melee for his Passive and his ult. ability.

If youre wondering why some people have prime weapons you can get most of them by opening Lith,Neo,Meso, and Axi Relics. before you had to go to tower defense or survival to get alot of relics. But they replaced it with relics. Plus when i meant by some of them is cause most primes are Vaulted. vaulted means you can't get these items or Warframe ever unless you trade or they unvault it. Well theirs one you can't get at all. Excalibur prime is the only one you can never get only PC players have it that was in the Founders Pack.